HATCHing a Circular Design for Zero-Waste Plastics

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In this quarter, our team has been hard at work helping groups like HATCH, DOW, WELL, and NIH solve the better the world social impact challenges that keep them up at night.
Here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at our recent work in Switzerland.
This summer, I traveled to Caux, Switzerland as part of the HATCH Summit (AMAZING!), to help Dow Chemical achieve their goal of producing 100% recycled plastic film.
What is film?
It’s that thin plastic that wraps your lettuce, holds your cereal, and wraps pallets. It’s everywhere, and only 3% of it is recycled in the US.
During the co-creative design process, Dow asked how they could best support consumers in recycling film. And how could they make it easy, clear, and dare we say, a joy?
Partnering and co-creating with the magical HATCH team, HTC and two of our favorite designers, Ann Radil and Christina Spidey McKnight, co-created an approach to respond to consumer needs and partner with national chains to help close the gap on recycling film. We can’t share the exact solution yet, but it might be coming to a store near you in the future!

We’re curious—what’s keeping you up at night? We’d love to help.

Holly Truitt Consulting in Missoula, Montana is a social innovation and design firm that helps communities create lasting change. Holly Truitt Consulting has engagements with National Institutes of Health, the Missoula Mayor’s Office, Missoula Economic Partnership, the University of Montana and a number of national museums. Want to know more about Holly? Visit her personal site at hollytruittconsulting.com.