Missoula Public Library + Museum Complex – awarded best library in the world 2022

How do you meet the real learning, social, and creative needs of a community in ways that are inclusive of all?


The first of its kind in the nation, Missoula’s new Library-Museum complex opened in 2021 emulates the Nordic Culture House model, bringing multiple museums, a library, social services, and a bistro under one roof. Holly integrated collective Nordic practices and design into the project. She currently leads the development of a vibrant health learning ecosystem that will be one component of the complex. She has helped other communities draw from and emulate this high-impact model. Funded by a $1.3M National Institutes of Health grant awarded to the City of Missoula, Holly is guiding the community in creating a two-story, DNA climber, inclusive innovation mural, and a University of Montana community research lab.