Design Your Life + Innovation Deck

How do you create an analog method for designers, changemakers, and innovators to design their lives, business, and community – one card at a time?

hand holding 3 cards


At the crossroads of innovation, design, and transformative change, the deck with a facilitated design lab can help YOU and event participants unleash impact, transformation, and innovation in your life and work. This project has been supported by the National Science Foundation I-Corps as well as the CARES Act. The deck’s creators, Holly and Elysa Fenenbock, have used the cards in designing your life labs for Stanford, HATCH, the ILLC international leadership network, and women’s innovation spaces and festivals like AudPop’s annual innovation festival. For each of these labs, new cards were co-designed with a local artist from the host community. Growing the deck and impact one card + lab at a time. 

Learn about the genesis of this project here.