My Portfolio

I work with communities to bring about lasting transformative change. My work, which spans STEM education initiatives, catalyzing change through innovation and harnessing the power of “third places” is rooted in bettering the world.


spectrUM Discovery Area

As the founding director of spectrUM, Holly, brought to life a vision for a hands-on-science museum. She led the organization through expansive growth, moving it to three increasingly larger, more community-minded and inclusive locations during her tenure.


Holly launched this innovation celebration and grew its impact over the course of three years. From the celebration, a partnership to bring an innovation corridor to Missoula was born.

Missoula Public Library + Museum Complex - Opening 2020

Holly integrated collective Nordic practices and design into this project – the first of its kind in the nation. The complex is slated to open its doors in 2020 and she currently leads the development of a vibrant health-learning ecosystem that will be one component of the complex.

SciNation on the Flathead Reservation

SciNation is an award-winning collective on the Flathead Reservation that is committed to building a homegrown Native STEM workforce on the Flathead Reservation. It was launched as part of Holly’s fellowship with the Noyce Foundation.

AudFest Film and Innovation Festival

Holly co-designed the innovation track to spotlight women innovators in the 406 and beyond. More than 32 presenters, including Holly herself, explored topics that ranged from gender equity in higher education, to attracting talent to Montana, to women and venture capital.

EmPower Place

Holly led grant funding that enabled EmPower Place to become a reality. The project embeds a learning center that is one part library, one part science museum, and one part meal program into Missoula’s popular Food Bank and Community Center.

Design Your Life + Innovation Deck

Holly, together with co-creator Elyse Fennenbock, designed the innovation deck as a facilitation resource for people looking to better their corner of the world. Rooted in co-creation and design-thinking research, the deck presents concepts that are intentionally bite-sized so that the average person feels engaged and empowered to make transformative change in their life, work and community.