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Our favorite design lab products.

Books and articles on our “co-creation night stand.”

Indigideck of cards with h logo for holly Truitt consulting on wood table


Order your own hard-copy of The Indigideck. 


notebook with Pendleton design

Pendleton Notebook

Notebooks for your favorite collaborators.

4 hourglass timers of different sizes

Hourglass Timers

Creative ambience for your design labs.

journal with rows of different colored feathers

Watercolor Feathers Notebook

Notebook journals for your favorite designers.

Tell Me more deck of cards

Tell Me More

Prompts to deepen connection and strengthen relationships with your co-designers.

rows of washi tape

Washi Tape

Hang your design lab artifacts with style. 

2 large post-it note pads

Large, sticky, Post-It

We never leave home for a design lab without these. Their large size provides space for ideation and solution finding and best of all, you can move them around and re-stick them anywhere.

pile of pads of small sticky notes

Sticky notes

We also never leave home for a design lab without these. Perfect for independent ideation prior to collective idea refinement.

book cover: All you need is love, design, business, and engineering and passion-based co-creation

Passion-based Co-creation Book

What is co-creation? A little academic, very Finnish, and filled with empathetic design, this is a great book to ignite you. 

Design Unbound Vol 1

Design Unbound, Vol 1

Man. Life is a whitewater world. How do we design in emergent? Design for ecosystem change? Get unbound when making collective change? This one is wonky as hell. But has gotten some serious use in our work. Totally recommend it if you want to get really designing for change geeky. 

Design Unbound Vol 2

Design Unbound, Vol 2

Dig even deeper with Volume 2.

IDEO methods cards spread out

IDEO Method Cards

Looking for design prompts? Sparks. Pool walls. The Method Deck is a great spark maker. The version that I use was created for educators by a favorite collaborator who used to be at IDEO. We have used it with co-creators in design sprints to text a trusted friend, neighbor, or colleague for an insight to help shape their design – from tapping into their greatest hope to their community to what cultural story is allowed to be shared. Listening and design – on text at a time. LOVE THIS. 

photo of two little long haired dogs

The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures

In all our co-creation labs and efforts we work to create tight systems, parameters to help our co-creators unlock innovation. We think of these as the pool walls. Want to see why systems are so important to innovation, this is a great read. It also underpins one of my upcoming article.

article on leading change

Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

Kotter. Mic drop – always – when thinking about designing for transformative change read it. I promise it will give you new ways to think about how to lead and design for transformation. 

Systems change article

The Relational Work of Systems Change

woman posting sticky notes to a wall

Butterfly Works

This studio is an OG of social impact co-creation. Well worth a look. I keep an eye on their projects and continually bring sparks from them into our work. 

braiding sweetgrass book cover

Braiding Sweetgrass

Ingenious perspective to help spark new ways of thinking about co-creation and braiding together culture, community, and knowledge – the very ingredients of co-creation. 

Fragile Neighborhoods book cover

Fragile Neighborhoods

This project focuses on designing for social mobility for the next generation, ensuring a sense of belonging for all kiddos, and creating bright futures for them. I have a number of favorite reads in this space that have shaped our thinking and design, but this is the one I’m currently digging into. Ping me if you read and want to talk about it.