Honoring Time for Self Care

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Every now and then. You have a shift. Not complete, but you can feel the tectonics. This past weekend. This happened for me. I had the joy of attending a four day retreat at Great River Ranch that was rich with Yoga Nidra, breathe work, and meditation. Pre-warning. I swoon – it was that good.
Here are 4 gifts that traveled home:
1) Craziest thing! I have been breathing wrong. What?! Who knew you could get something so basic wrong. What has shifted since I began operation breathe right? My TMJ has lessened radically. Like I’m barely experiencing it. Megan Dunne Crouse led this work. She is a bright light, spark of love and energy. She offers virtual and recorded classes. I encourage you to take one. I’m not kidding when I say it will make your lighter.
2) Yoga Nidra is an elixir to many of the things that rob us of our sense of peace and joy.
Courtney Riley – led this soulful work at the retreat. Se is fabulously talented. Like take you, your pineal gland and vagus nerve to a new plane. As one of my friend said, “Working with Courtney is like going to church.”
Want to join us at church?
3. I mediate regularly. Love it.
A breakthrough? The realization that you need not be seated. A simple prompt when your brain is chattering, scared, can break the trance and bring clarity, embodiment, and grounding. Winni Nimrod, who led the meditation, gifted us a prompt.
Ask: Who is in the room (your mind)? What are they trying to tell you?
Low and behold, you might find there are other voices (beyond your own true voice/wisdom). Some who are not doing you service. Voices that are overplayed and not kind.
Acknowledge them and invite them to shove off. And, low and behold, they do.
4. Wisconsin. You are stunning.


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