Drivers of Change

beautiful Holly in black leather jacket in a garden

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When I started Holly Truitt Consulting (HTC), I had four drivers in mind. Do work that makes real, tangible, and better the world change. With kind hearted, thoughtful, and action minded souls. 3 photos photo booth with Holly, Amanda, and Bill wearing hats and glasses
Work in ways that allow for vibrant, joyful, big hearted lives for all on the team (including me). No skipping field trips because you can’t get your head above water. No writing grants on Thanksgiving. You know the drill. And have some fabulous fun along the way.Here are three of us on team HTC celebrating after leading a co-creation bootcamp in Pittsburgh for inspirational museum leaders.I can’t imagine not hitting the mark with these two. Change x big ❤️’d souls x well lived life x fun.

Holly Truitt Consulting in Missoula, Montana is a social innovation and design firm that helps communities create lasting change. Holly Truitt Consulting has engagements with National Institutes of Health, the Missoula Mayor’s Office, Missoula Economic Partnership, the University of Montana and a number of national museums. Want to know more about Holly? Visit her personal site at