I guide organizations and their communities through uncharted transformations.

I’m an out-of-the-box thinker with the tenacity and track record to deliver innovative, lasting results.

Museum Program Design
User Experience Studies
Guiding companies through transformative change
Museum User Experience
Social Innovation Consultant

I’m Holly Truitt.

Holly Truitt - Missoula Montana
Organizations and institutions turn to me to clarify their purpose and catalyze transformative change. From municipalities to museums, tribal nations to universities, I guide teams through co-creation to produce meaningful, community-driven results.

Just as the most fruitful soils rely on the right mixture of nutrients, water, and minerals, communities thrive in the face of change when expertly cultivated through innovation, joy, humility, and even a bit of magic.

I bring 20 years of experience coaching communities with an approach rooted in listening, flexibility, and optimism. I’m ready to help you develop the richest possible environment to make an impact.

Holly Truitt
Mayor John Engen, Missoula
Holly Truitt brings a rare commodity to her work: imagination. Too often, consultants rely on a small bag of tricks, but Holly brings big thinking to challenges large and small. She listens, learns, distills, challenges and celebrates. When you work with Holly, you’re working with a partner, not a vendor, and her collaborations bear fruit.
Blake Wigdahl, Process Curiosity

Holly is an absolute joy to work with and master of her craft. Holly and I have collaborated on numerous projects for over 12 years, focused on engaging and co-design with the communities to create meaningful transformation. I would highly recommend working with Holly and look forward to many more years working together on transformative community design.

William Swaney, Tribal Leader
Holly’s strongest points are her contagious enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to accomplishing the tasks in front of her. I particularly enjoy her leadership style which is engaging and collaborative, focusing on the group dynamic and how best to achieve results using the collective expertise assembled.
Elke Govertsen, My Village
Holly Truitt sits at a remarkable intersection of vision, activation and collaboration. The work is uniquely both magical and tangible. I have had the opportunity to work with her as a collaborator, consultant and co-creator. In each iteration of our work together she brings a functional knowledge of funding and structure, a graceful touch to connect the right inputs, and the execution to get results. I can not recommend her enough.